Whipple Competition Kit | 2007-2019 Toyota Tundra

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Since 1987, Whipple Superchargers have been the pioneers and leaders of supercharging domestic V8 engines. Whipple’s team has now engineered the most powerful intercooled twin-screw SC system available today for your Toyota V8 Tundra engines. Featuring the new, 4th generation Whipple 2.9L supercharger with an all-new rotor profile and new high flow rotor housing to unleash even more power than ever before. With all the latest technology, biggest SC, biggest intercooler, biggest heat exchanger, the all-new system makes more power than any other positive displacement supercharger system on the market giving you tire frying, neck whipping power that will give you a grin from ear to ear. The competition-based system is designed for race trucks and exclude fuel injectors, fuel pump, calibration tools or calibration and is designed for off-road use only. 

The all-new system features Whipple’s massive oversized air-to-water intercooler for unmatched cooling capacity, the massive 2.9 L Whipple twin-screw supercharger that reaches 99% volumetric efficiency, 102mm built-in inlet, high flow intake manifold, and industry-leading power potential. The unique bypass system offers less than 1hp of consumption during cruising for excellent fuel economy. The system also includes high-flow fuel injectors, flash tool, oversized heat exchangers, high-flow intercooler pumps, and a unique intercooler water reservoir. While others claim, Whipple Superchargers simply deliver more power per pound of boost than any other supercharger on the market today.

Prospeed Tundra Fuel System and Prospeed Dyno tune recommended!