PROSPEED RealTime IAT Sensor System

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PROSPEED’s RT-IAT system is a sensor/amplifier combo designed to give you the fastest air temp data possible. After using many different solutions over the years and none of them really giving us the accurate information we needed to see, and wanted to have, we decided to venture down a path of discovery that led us to creating what we feel is the quickest responding air temp system readily available to the public. Our system is a combination of custom made thermal probes in 2 different configurations and an amplifier that’s been tailored to match the characteristics of the sensors in order to provide and stable noise free signal to whatever logging device or ECU you are using.

Our sensor system is drastically faster than the standard GM thermistor, the popular glass-bead sensor, and even your standard K Type thermocouple used for EGT. The inherent lag in these other sensors prevent the end user from seeing true temp data as it’s happening in real time. Our sensor system almost instantaneously responds to even the slightest increases in temp, which provides you with the best inlet temp data possible both for general logging and for feeding into an ECU for accurate repeatable air temp correction.

There are 2 probe configurations, one is for short term use when you need the absolute fastest data (~20-30ms response time). This probe is more fragile and must be installed with care not to damage the temp element as it is completely exposed. We consider these short term and consumables as due to the delicacy of the probe itself, it will often fail in extremely high airflow environments in a short time. Use in lower airflow situations these probes have shown to last quite a long time.

The 2nd probe configuration is more robust with a small penalty in response time (~100-150ms). These will hold up in high airflow situations without issue.

Both probes use the same amplifier as the sensor itself is identical only the packaging is slightly different.