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  • Designed using Eaton’s largest 2650 rotating group with 170-degree lobe helix angle for unrivaled thermal efficiency
  • TVS2650 is 40% larger than the TRD TVS1900 Supercharger
  • Front Drive/Front Inlet design with righthand biased intake for shorter, less restrictive intake path
  • Intake accepts both factory and larger RCF throttle bodies
  • Latest high-density fin, extruded tube intercooler core feature a dual pass coolant design
  • Interfaces with factory and aftermarket Airboxes, and retains all factory ancillaries including A/C, Viscous engine fan, and Power Steering
  • Variable boost options available via Stage 1 and Stage 2
  • Available as a direct upgrade for the Toyota Tundra TRD 1900 or Aftermarket 1900 Supercharged variants
  • Designed & Manufactured by Harrop to OE levels of appearance and operation

As a master distributor and technology partner of Eaton Supercharger and Traction products for over 12 years, Harrop utilized their OEM design and manufacturing capability to release the world’s first aftermarket Supercharger system featuring TVS2650 technology to suit the Toyota 3UR-FE 5.7L V8. This engine is found in global vehicle platforms like the Toyota Tundra, Landcruiser 200, and Lexus LX 570. The TVS2650 supercharger is 40% larger than the TRD TVS1900 supercharger (2650cc VS 1900cc) and an upgrade path is available for factory TRD vehicles.

Harrop FDFI (Front Drive Front Inlet) Supercharger systems feature industry-leading Intercooler technology to ensure optimum thermal efficiency through advanced intercooler design. The Harrop FDFI2650 manifold incorporates dual twin pass intercooler cores that are located immediately before the cylinder heads, giving more stable air intake temps and less chance of dynamic heat transfer once cooled. The improved intercooler system coupled with a large front mount heat exchanger and high flow Bosch intercooler pump provides greater thermal and volumetric efficiency to unleash the performance potential of the late model 3UR-FE engine in both on-road and off-road situations.

Being an Australian engineering icon, Harrop has had a long association with Toyota/TRD, having designed and manufactured the TVS Supercharger system for the Australian delivered TRD Aurion. The 3UR-FE kit comes in several kit variants including the optional fuel rail upgrade which allows the fitment of 16 port injectors for +1200hp racing applications. All this with the reliability of the Eaton rotating group which is extensively tested and validated to OEM specifications. All Harrop Supercharger kits are expertly assembled by qualified Supercharger technicians to AS9100 quality standards before individually tested in-house on a dynamometer to ensure reliability and durability.


  • Harrop TVS2650 FDFI Supercharger with RH inlet cover – Toyota throttle body bolt pattern
  • Supercharger intake manifold including high-efficiency dual pass intercooler cores
  • 8PK FEAD idler bracket, Coolant cross-over pipe, 8PK Supercharger drive belt
  • Replacement high flow injectors
  • Replacement high flow fuel pump
  • High-efficiency heat exchanger with maximum surface area and combined mounting brackets
  • High volume Electric Intercooler pump, Coolant Reservoir, and molded hoses
  • Plug-in wiring looms for all necessary engine sensors – IAT breakout from MAF sensor, Throttle loom extension, and Intercooler pump loom
  • All associated fasteners, hoses, and fittings required


  • Stage 1 @ 6.5 psi – 478hp / 463 ft-lbs (+160hp / +88 ft-lbs overstock)
  • Stage 2 @ 8.5 psi – 513hp / 514ft-lbs (+207hp / +136 ft-lbs overstock) 
  • Capable of over 1000hp+ with supporting engine modifications
  • Note – Quoted power figures are measured at the hubs on our Harrop HQ dynamometer