PROSPEED Toyota Sequoia Catch Can System

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Toyota Sequoia Catch Can System

The PROSPEED 2007-2018 Toyota Sequoia Catch Can System is a must for anyone running a TRD/Magnuson supercharger on their 5.7l.

This system achieves two things in one unit:

  • Preventing oil from getting into the intake side of the engine which can coat the internal intercooler which reduces cooling of the air, prevents oil from coating the pistons which can reduce the knock threshold, and prevents the coating of oil on the intake valves.
  • Allows 100% clean air to go into the intake system resulting in more power, the air inside the engine is dirty and already burnt, putting this air back into the intake is counterproductive for making power.

The Prospeed Catch Can System includes:

  • In house handcrafted catch can be built from durable .125 aluminum with CNC cut fittings with black powder-coat finish
  • (1) Prospeed filter kit
  • All needed hardware