PROSPEED Motec PNP (S197 GT500 Mustang)

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Prospeed Motec 150 PNP (S197 GT500 Mustang)

2011-2014 Ford Mustang GT500

  • Hardware
    • MoteC M150 ECU
    • Motec M150 Mustang S197 Loom - Adapter Loom
    • M LTCD - LTCD LSU 4.9
    • M IGN4 - IGN4 (X2)
  • Licenses
    • 23434 - M1 LIC - Motec USA Ford Mustang GT 6MT (Required to load the package in M150 ECU)
  • Features
    • Configurable launch control with anti-lag containing tables for engine speed, throttle limit, boost aim, and close loop ignition timing control as well as Spool mode to optimize turbocharger response at the starting line.
    • Pre-stage setting for Launch Control.
    • Track control: closed-loop system featuring the ability to use alternate wheel speed inputs for differential ground speed control. Ability to control engine torque using ignition timing, fuel cut, ignition cut, and drive by wire throttle using a flexible user-configurable strategy.
    • Pre-configured OE coolant fan control.
    • Pre-configured OE alternator control 
    • Pre-configured OE fuel lift pump control
    • Pre-configured OE A/C Control
    • Pre-configured gear detection with simplified gear estimate table
    • And much more