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  Introducing the Prospeed Motec M1 plug and play system for the 2007-2020 Toyota Tundra/Sequoia with 3UR engines. This is a direct plug in system allowing to take over control of the engine from the factory ecu allowing the following benefits:

- Allows full control of the engine, with a factory ecu you are relying on company’s to define all the tables in the ecu, but the reality is this is rarely the case. Often times there will always be something doing weird things in the background affecting the end tune due to missed tables, this can cause weird running issues or engine damage if someone is not familiar with the platform. The Motec ecu will 100% do exactly what you tell it to, there are no hidden or missed tables.
- It opens up the pool of tuners who can dyno tune the vehicle, the amount of tuners who can know the in’s and out’s of the factory Tundra ecu and know the issues and work arounds is small, but by utilizing a Motec you know longer need someone who knows all these issues and fixes.
- Our Motec package has factory CAN system integration, allowing driven and non-driven wheel speeds from the ABS module for traction control and shift detection for pulling power at the shifts for prolonged transmission life, etc.
- Has full time O2 correction with reliable Bosch NTK wideband sensors
- Utilizes a 150psi fuel pressure sensor for true VE based tuning, using this, if the fuel pressure rises or falls it will maintain a constant air fuel ratio, it will also do an RPM cut if the fuel pressure drops too low to prevent engine damage in the event of a faulty fuel pump.
- Uses a 5 bar MAP sensor for speed density control
- This works in conjunction with the factory ecu making sure everything still works in the vehicle such as factory dash.
- Has better VVT control than the factory ecu, the cams will track faster.
- Has boost control for turbo applications

Prospeed Tundra Motec package includes:
- Motec M130
- PROSPEED Tundra M1 Firmware
- PROSPEED Tundra TO M130 Adapter Harness
- Enable Level 2 Logging
- 2X Bosh NTK Sensor
- 2X NTK Extension Harness
- 5 Bar MAP Sensor
- PROSPEED High Speed IAT Sensor for Harrop Supercharger
- 150 PSI Fuel Pressure Sensor
- PROSPEED Tundra Motec Mounting Plate - Black Powdercoated

- PROSPEED Billet Pressure Sensor Mount
- PROSPEED/D3 Performance OEM ECU Motec Integration Flash

* This kit still uses the factory ecu to control the throttle body and transmission, HPTuners is required for tuning the trans on the 2007-2018 models, 2019-2020 VFTuner is required.