PROSPEED C7 Corvette Oil Cooler System

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The C7 Corvette LT engines run extremely hot when tracked or with higher horsepower output, during our testing on our C7 Z06, we saw 289 degrees of oil temperature along with 261 degrees of engine coolant temperature at only 78 degrees ambient temperature on only lap 3 before we pulled off the track!

We knew in order to keep engine coolant temps down we needed to design an efficient oil cooler system capable of pulling heat from the oil without putting back into the already stressed engine coolant system.

To accomplish this we in-house CAD designed a full system starting with a replacement brake duct made from high strength aluminum which houses a proven high-quality Setrab oil cooler connected to the engine with high quality AN hose and hose ends, ending with our LT series engine block adapter. During our testing (Test vehicle: Z06 with a D1SC Procharger with vertical front mount intercooler making 700whp) from our base session to the session with our system installed, we saw a rise of 9 degrees ambient temp and still managed to lower oil temps by 14 degrees and coolant temps by 22 degrees, all while pushing the car harder lap time-wise and we didn't have to pull off track!

Benefits of the system:

  • Utilizes dedicated airflow path within the new brake ducting, this prevents hot oil from the oil cooler from being transferred into the other cooing heat exchangers
  • Removes the strain of cooling the oil from the radiator system increasing its efficiency Built around a proven Setrab oil cooler, one of the best on the market!
  • LT series CAD designed block adapter
  • Hoses are all premade ready to install AN reusable series hose kits
  • Allows removal of complete factory water to an oil cooler system
  • The full system comes standard in black finish for a stealthy install
  • Works on both Z06 (LT4) and Stingray (LT1) models Full kit comes with: CAD designed CNC LT series engine block adapter and o-ring sealing
  • CNC billet QDC OEM water to oil cooler hose delete kit
  • OEM GM Block coolant plug kit
  • Setrab oil cooler
  • CAD designed aluminum brake duct kit (black finish)
  • Premade AN hose kit
  • All needed hardware