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The Prospeed Motec M150 ecu kit for the C6 Corvette and 5th gen Camaro SS was designed for those looking for better engine control and safetys versus using a factory ecu. No longer will you need different controllers for ignition retard, nitrous control, etc, do it all with one product!

Features for this kit:
- Completely removes the factory ecu
- Complete CAN integration so all factory features work
- VE based control system which adjusts fueling based on wideband feedback and fuel pressure
- Adds traction control while getting wheel speeds over CAN, so no need to wire in additional sensors
- Launch control and rolling anti-lag
- Nitrous control
- Boost control
- Over boost, lean, fuel pressure, oil pressure configurable safety's
- Optional logging
- Full wideband lambda control

The Prospeed C6 Motec M150 kit is not just a harness and ecu like others, this is a complete kit with everything needed to get going:

- Prospeed M150 to GM adapter harness
- Motec M150 ecu
- Prospeed C6/SS M1 Firmware
- Motec LTCD NTK Dual channel Lambda to CAN
- 2x NTK wideband sensors
- 2x NTK extension harnesses
- 150psi sensor kit for fuel pressure
- 5 bar MAP sensor