PROSPEED 3UR 7.00" Lower Pulley Kit (15% Overdrive)

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Looking to add some extra boost on your supercharged 3UR powered vehicle without losing belt wrap, then the Prospeed 3UR 7.00" 15% Overdrive Lower Pulley Kit is what you need. Our lower pulley kit allows you to convert the factory harmonic balancer from a 6.125" to a 7.00" without having to lose the harmonic dampening ability or having to replace it with a full aftermarket balancer or sending out an OEM to be modified via machining/welding, best of all it can be installed at home in your driveway if needed! The kit comes with our in house CNC machined billet pulley made from USA sourced 6061 aluminum, along with a replacement crank bolt, doweling hardware, and the needed fittings to relocate the factory oil pressure sensor.