PROSPEED MoTec M150 ECU Kit for Toyota Supra

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The Prospeed Autosports M150 Package for Toyota Supra is here! Compatible with both standard and VVTi versions of the infamous 2JZ-GTE engine, the M150 package is the pinnacle of aftermarket engine management available for the Supra and any vehicle running a 2JZ engine.

The Prospeed Autosports firmware has its roots in the MoTeC GPR package, meaning it has true VE-based airflow modeling, as well as functionality for flex fuel, fuel pressure compensation, traction control, knock control, nitrous control, individual EGT, as well as on-screen live logging for every channel. There is compatibility for OEM variable reluctance cam and crank sensors or aftermarket digital hall effect sensors (non-VVTi only), and traction control can be integrated with OEM speed sensors or aftermarket as well.

As with all modern ECUs, the M1 package also features failsafe strategies and protocols for multiple different parameters including coolant temperature, coolant pressure, engine speed, manifold pressure, oil temperature and pressure, crankcase pressure, fuel pressure, air temperature and knock. All can be set to trigger the OEM middle indicator light and check engine light. Our package includes a plug and play patch harness for easy installation as well as multiple accessory packages including logging options, sensor packages, full replacement engine and chassis looms as well as replacement dashes and CAN keypads. With Prospeed Autosports and MoTeC, your options are endless.

The base package comes with the following:
-M150 ECU
-PNP Patch Harness from M150 ECU to OEM Toyota Engine Harness
-Prospeed Autosports firmware package for M1 Series ECU

Contact us directly to see how we can cater a package to your needs.

Manufacturer Description
MoTeC’s M150 ECU begins a new era in engine control. The M1’s unique technology redefines the meaning of customization, delivering total control without compromise, and highly advanced security strategies make these ECUs ideal for both category managed and unrestricted applications.
M150 Features
- Small and light in a robust magnesium enclosure
- Port injection injector type
- Large logging memory
- Latest generation high-performance processor
- Customizable configuration (see separate section)
- Customizable firmware / functionality
- Suitable for modern engines with DBW, Cam control, and a CAN bus.
- Advanced logging features, high speed, multiple logs (with access logins), I/O expansion, Pro Analysis
- Flexible tuning software
- Robust and comprehensive security features (see separate section)
- Programmable injector drive characteristics
- Programmable digital input system for Ref/Sync, wheel speeds etc.
- Programmable trigger levels, diagnostics
- All Low Side and Half-Bridge outputs have PWM capability