PROSPEED C7 Corvette ACM Port Injection System

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We are proud to release our Prospeed Auxiliary Control Module (ACM) for the C7/Z06 Corvette to the public through our dealer network!

The Auxiliary Control Module (ACM) is a full plug and play system complete with a motorsport grade wiring harness (Tefzel wire, Raychem heat shrink, SCL epoxy shrink sealed, with DT series racing connector construction) allowing full integration into vehicle CAN data eliminating any wiring into any vehicle sensors or possible check engine lights.

Some other key features of the ACM include;

  • Port injection control, full closed loop with optional dual channel CAN widebands, fuel pressure compensation with optional fuel pressure sensor
  • Full flex fuel control, requires wiring of standard flex sensor to factory ECU and ACM
  • Multiple fuel pump staging with fuel pump prime feature (useful for new Fore Innovations pump hangers which require button priming which can be forgotten resulting in HPFP damage)
  • Methanol control eliminating the use of a separate controller and hobbs switch
  • Nitrous control, multi stage, progressive or standard, closed loop control with optional dual channel CAN widebands and nitrous pressure sensor
  • On the fly 5-map selection with optional I-Boost switch
  • Boost control, standard and C02, requires optional boost solenoid(s)
  • Easily navigable and straight forward software interface