PROSPEED ZR1 Intercooler Brick Protection Service

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We are now offering modification services to strengthen the OEM ZR1 LS9 supercharger intercooler bricks. The OEM bricks have been known to fail under higher than factory boost levels due to degrading of the thin intercooler top plate material, usually causing coolant to enter the engine and intercooler material to fall into the engine or supercharger. During our heat exchanger system development we measured temperatures before the intercooler, at only 16 psi we saw over 400 degrees, those running higher boost will see even higher temps! There have been aftermarket intercooler bricks made but do not cool as well as the OEM units and while there have been other fixes on the market we decided to look a little closer and try to design an even stronger method to insure engine protection for the life of the vehicle.
A known way to fix this issue is to weld plates to the top of the intercooler bricks to prevent the direct air from the supercharger from bashing into the intercooler top plate. With doing it this way you still leave a gap between the thin intercooler top plate and the plate welded on top, this is due to the raised ridges of the OEM top plate. This can still allow the hot pressurized air to damage the thin plate. To correct this we weld plates on the top that have a very sharp and smooth radius with a flange to protect that area. These are welded on the cores in a left and right pair.
Depending on workload turnaround time is 1-2 days once your cores have been received. For any other information or to get set up to send yours in please email us at or call at 832-230-1094