PROSPEED ZR1 - C6 Dual Spal Fan Shroud Kit w/ PWM Control

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PROSPEED is proud to introduce a new product for the C6 Corvette platform. The Prospeed C6 Dual Spal Fan Shroud kit! This product was designed to help solve common issues associated with higher HP setups using higher spun superchargers that drastically increase pre intercooler temps which then get transferred into the intercooler system. That heat is then transferred to the heat exchanger in the front of the car which raises the air temps flowing into the radiator. Some of the aftermarket heat exchangers on the market can also restrict airflow to the radiator itself. In addition to that, the A/C system (condenser) introduces even more heat into the mix. The stock radiator is a high-quality unit with a large surface area, high fin density, and great construction, however, once you start dealing with elevated temps and restricted airflow, the OEM fan setup is no longer efficient at removing heat from the cooling system. While being a good flowing fan, the factory shrouding does not cover the entire face of the radiator and we feel this leaves a lot of potential for additional heat extraction.

Our Dual Spal Fan Shroud kit includes a 3D CAD designed fan shroud built from lightweight yet sturdy .125” aluminum and featuring stainless pressed-in mounting hardware along with air bypass flaps. Next, it features the highest flowing fans available from Spal in 11” diameter. These are not the highest “free-flowing” fans, they are the highest flowing fans in a restricted state, which is what really sets different fans apart when they are mated against a radiator.

This kit also includes our new PROSPEED PWM fan control module along with a full 100% plug and play fused harness, no need to cut anything. This kit is a 100% bolt-in install and requires to unplug the factory fan control and plug into the provided harness, run the power for the PROSPEED harness connected directly to the fuse box lug, and the ground wire connected to the chassis.