PROSPEED C6 Corvette Catch Can System

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The PROSPEED C6 Corvette Catch Can System is a must for anyone running forced induction on their LS2/LS3/LS7/LS9/LSX powered C6s. The OEM PCV system is not designed for the extra crankcase pressure from increased blow-by from forced induction or "loose" built engines. This system achieves three things in one unit: Increases the line size coming from the valve covers (dual .375" OEM to dual .625" (-10AN) as well as vents the valley cover with a -6AN to allow better pressure release (prevents engine seals from being pushed out as well as turbo drain back issues) Prevents oil from getting into the intake side of the engine. Allows only clean air to enter the engine providing more HP (our system is 100% atmospheric (not connected to the intake system)

The engine bay of the C6 is very crammed from the factory and only gets worse when adding nitrous kits, superchargers, or turbo components, to help with this our system is mounted in the driver's side fender area. This allows us to add plenty of volume, internal baffles, and 2 breather filters. Our kit also includes a bulkhead that mounts to the bottom of the fender liner to allow easy draining without the removal of any parts after the initial install.

Our kit includes:

In house handcrafted catch can be built from durable .125 aluminum with CNC cut fittings

Pre-built -10AN black hose assembly's to hook to valve covers

Pre-built -6AN push lock hose assembly to hook to valley cover

Pre-built -6AN drain hose kit w/ bulkhead assembly

(2) D3PE filter kits

(2) -10AN aluminum weld ons (for valve covers)

All needed hardware