PROSPEED Sequoia Fuel System Package

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Prospeed Autosports offers the new fuel system package for the 2007-2018 Toyota Sequoia, including
flex-fuel models. In-house dyno testing has shown that the standard injectors found with most
supercharger systems, as well injectors found in flex-fuel models, combined with all OEM fuel pump
options are inadequate when tuning supercharged Tundras.

Extra power can easily be found by utilizing the cam angle mapping during the tuning process, but
without the proper fuel system, the vehicle will lean out. Adding a smaller supercharger pulley will
also lean it out of the vehicle.

Testing also showed a bank to bank pressure drop which in turn leads to bank to bank fueling
differences. This is due to the small inlet ports on the fuel rails and the entire fuel system itself. The OEM fuel system also has no serviceable fuel filter.

Our fuel system is available with the following options:
  • Prospeed fuel pump upgrade
    • based on a TI Auto 267 E85 compatible pump. The kit includes the fuel pump, as well as the install kit consisting of the matching fuel filter sock, splice in connector kit for the pump, as well as an E85 compatible PTFE internal feed hose. *The OEM pump hanger does require minor modification for this.
  • Prospeed drop in 750cc injector set
    • These are built from Genuine Bosch injectors and come with the required adapters to fit into the cylinder head pockets. The injectors fit OEM and our aftermarket rails. Plug and play adapters are included. These are necessary for anyone running boost and tuning with the OEM ecu and HPtuners. They provide the extra needed fuel flow with room to grow if you make any future upgrades. These are also properly sized that way the scaling does not need to be crazy to keep the vehicle drivability like OEM.
  • Prospeed billet fuel rail kit
    • 2 Piece fuel rail kit comes with (2) 8AN o-ring bosses for inlet and outlet fuel feed as well as 1/8NPT test port for those adding a fuel pressure gauge or needing to feed a nitrous system. Works with OEM or Prospeed injectors.
  • Prospeed upgraded fuel line system
    • for use with billet rails. Replaces the entire fuel system from the OEM fuel pump connections forward.
    • Includes 6AN feed and return lines
    • (2) billet fuel hat to 6AN adapters
    • 10-micron microglass Aeromotive High-flow inline fuel filter w/ replaceable element
    • Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    • ORB fittings to adapt to the billet fuel rails.
Fuel line kit is available with standard braided fuel line or E85 safe PTFE fuel line. All fuel lines come
preassembled. The fuel system is run in parallel to the rails, then to the regulator. This system also
allows the fuel system to be boost referenced.