2016-19 Chevrolet Camaro MOTEC M1 PNP Kit

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This kit provides a full replacement for the factory GM ECU. It utilizes existing vehicle wiring and sensors to deliver plug-in convenience. Using an integration patch harness and a MoTeC M182 ECU the kit delivers fully programmable engine control to the platform while maintaining stock vehicle systems functionality. The M1 ECU is supplied with firmware that is based on the MoTeC GPR and MoTeC USA Drag packages with additional enhancements and features unique to the 2016 - 2019 Chevrolet Camaro VS platforms and motorsports demands.

Available for the manual transmission, and the 'A8' 8 speed and 'A10' 10-speed automatic transmission variants. 

The kit is comprised of a MoTeC M182 ECU, "Plug & Play" patch harness, MoTeC LTCD, and two LSU 4.9 lambda sensors.

The package supports the following OE ECU features with user-definable parameters:

  • Push-button start
  • Air conditioner control
  • Variable speed coolant fan control
  • Fuel lift pump control
  • Cruise control
  • Fully functioning odometer and trip meter
  • Fully functioning fuel level gauge
  • Automatic transmission control integration (GM TCM integration)
  • Remote start

The supplied start file contains all the calibrations and settings for the OEM sensors, fuel injectors, ignition coils, throttle servo, cam control, alternator control, and fuel lift pump control, Settings for fuel delivery, ignition timing, and camshaft phasing have been calibrated on an OEM vehicle.
A significant amount of time will be saved by the user with this initial setup completed, Users can begin tuning to their desired power and modifications right away with the assurance of a safe base tune.
Included are many ancillary features commonly found on race vehicles such as anti-lag, rolling launch, driver switches, gearbox control, knock control, intercooler spray-bars, launch control, coolant pumps, and traction control.
The product fully integrates with other MoTeC devices, providing pre-defined CAN messaging for all current Displays/Loggers, LTC's, E888, GPS, and SLMs.

Kit Contents

  • M182 - MoTeC M182 ECU
  • M LTCD - MoTeC Dual LTC Controller
  • M H 3800-EC019A- PNP Patch Loom
  • M 0258 001- LSU 4.9 Sensor (x2)


  • 23507 - Ml UC - MoTeC USA GM Gen6 Camaro


  • Configurable Launch Control with anti-lag containing tables for engine speed, throttle limit, boost aim, and closed-loop ignition timing control as well Spool Mode to optimize turbocharger response at the starting line. 
  • Pre-stage setting for Launch Control.
  • Traction Control. A closed-loop system with the ability to control engine torque using ignition timing, fuel cut, ignition cut, and drive by wire throttle using a flexible user­configurable strategy. 
  • Pre-configured OE coolant fan control.
  • Pre-configured OE alternator control.
  • Pre-configured OE fuel lift pump control.
  • Pre-configured air conditioner control.
  • Pre-configured Gear detection with simplified Gear Estimate table.
  • Camaro TCM integration with example Torque model settings to expedite end-user tuning of the automatic transmission control.
  • Pre-configured Drive by Wire throttle servo control.
  • Factory GM drive mode control and driver switch integration for mode switching of end-user configurable systems and tables.
  • Configurable driver switches for control of various systems.
  • Vehicle speed limiting (pit speed control).
  • Configurable pulsed tachometer output.
  • Pre-configured vehicle speed measurement using factory CAN wheel speed inputs. It may be reconfigured to use any sensor.
  • General use definable auxiliary outputs.
  • A pre-configured warning system activates the factory Mil indicator on the dash to indicate faults.
  • Adjustable fuel economy gauge calibration.
  • Powerful Efficiency Model with configurable load axis that allows for flexibility in Engine Efficiency mapping for a wide array of modifications from a single throttle body with intake plenum to boost over trumpets. 
  • Pre-configured Engine Efficiency map that allows for quick and easy tuning.
  • Secondary Injection (16 injectors) capable- saturated injectors only for the secondaries.
  • Optional Flex Fuel using an ethanol composition sensor allows for ethanol composition blending including the integration of the Fuel Temperature reading provided by the sensor.
  • Pre-configured settings for ethanol fuel density, ethanol stoichiometric ratio to allow fuel blending ("flex-fuel").
  • Pre-configured throttle rate of change-based transient fuel for simplified transient fuel tuning.
  • Engine load Average channel with tables for the engine speed limit, ignition trim, fuel mixture aim, and throttle limit based on how hard and how long the engine is working. 
  • Pre-configured ignition output and coil settings.
  • Pre-configured individual cylinder knock system.
  • Pre-configured camshaft control of inlet cam.
  • Pre-configured engine start fuel, idle, and ignition settings.
  • Pre-configured Closed Loop Idle control systems using ignition and drive by wire actuation, including active adjustments for coolant and air conditioning activation.
  • Boost control system with targets based on Engine Speed, Gear, Flex Content, Throttle Position, Driver Mode Switch, Coolant Temperature, Engine load Average, Exhaust Temperature, Race Time, Inlet Air Temperature and Vehicle Speed. 
  • Rolling launch ("rolling anti-lag").
  • configurable turbocharger compressor bypass control.
  • intercooler temperature measurement and cooling spray control.
  • Supports progressive nitrous with four activation stages that can trigger any of the four nitrous control. Activation can be used to triggers additional fuel pumps
  • Nitrous bottle heater controls with bottle pressure feedback

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