Dyno Information Form

You're one step closer to making more power!

The recommended process for remote tuning is:

  1. Initial login to verify setup and proper functionality of all sensors and accessories.
  2. Initial startup and idle to check that everything is reading correctly, and all values seem sane
  3. Schedule the actual dyno session.
  4. Once the dyno session is completed we can review logs from track or street passes to verify everything translates properly.

ECU's We Tune

  1. Motec
  2. Pro EFI
  4. HP tuners
  5. Holley EFI
  6. ECU Master
  7. Link ECU
  8. Hondata
  9. COBB access port

If your ECU is not on the list, please be sure to call or email us.

How to prep your car for tuning

It is really important for you to do the best you can to prepare your car before tuning! Tuning isn't just strapping a car down for some full-throttle runs. A lot goes into dyno tuning a car and it is your responsibility to ensure your car can safely complete a dyno tuning session.

  1. Fresh Fuel
  2. Fuel level should be at least half a tank
  3. New spark plugs gaped correctly with a feeler gauge
  4. Boost leak tested
  5. Check for any fluid or exhaust leaks
  6. Please sort out any mechanical/drivetrain/electrical issues
  7. Bring any wheel locks
  8. If tuning on more than one fuel, bring secondary fuel with you or set up the purchase of secondary fuel ahead of time through PROSPEED sales.
  9. Make sure that your fuel system is adequate for your power levels.
  10. ASK US if you are unsure about any of these things beforehand!! 

Fill out our Dyno tuning form below and one of our team members will reach out to you with the next steps!