World's First Motec 6R80 2JZ Supra

World's First Motec 6R80 2JZ Supra

World's First Motec 6R80 2JZ Supra

We are excited to announce and share with you the World's first 6R80 2JZ Supra Running On MoTeC!

The 6R80 Transmission

We have gone through hours of R/D to get this just right! This car originally had an A340 in it but kept burning up the transmission. Our friends over at Powerhouse Racing have been working on a conversion kit for the 6R80 to adapt to a 2JZ. The 6R80 transmission was featured in F-150 pickups and mustangs among others in their lineup. We thought this would be a cool idea and should hold the power that our customer wanted to make.

Motec 6r80 2jz supra


Making The Controllers Work Together

There are a couple of shift controllers on the market for the 6R80 but none of them are meant to interact with the stand-alone ECU which leaves out a lot of features like torque reduction, no failsafe, no throttle blips, etc.. These are things you need if you want an automatic transmission to feel like it came from the factory.

Our friends our Motec USA were currently working on something for the 6R80 Mustang and reached out to them about our project to see if we could do a stand-alone version of their 6r80 control that has a bi-direction cam communication and have our friends at Pro EFI write the other side of that.


This enabled us to build a full functioning transmission controller with all of the proper tools and features that make this transmission live. We are running a Motec M130 ECU for the Transmission and we are running a Pro EFI 128 for the Engine. This allows the engine controller and the transmission controller to communicate back and forth for things like torque reduction, gear shift preparation, throttle blips, speed information, and much more.