Lucifer Runs Personal Best at Hail Mary Derby 2020

Lucifer Runs Personal Best at Hail Mary Derby 2020

Lucifer made its debut at the Hail Mary Derby 2020. Jerry's car had gone through a pretty big transformation. From a complete new electronics package, to the new billet Noonan LS, sitting on a completely redone chassis from HFR Fabrication, we were all very excited to see Lucifer run!

Lucifer set a 4.25 in the 1/8 at 177.56MPH on its first pass! We bought the car back to the pits and began to analyze the data. On our second run, Lucifer set a new personal best at 6.37 at 222MPH! And on our third run, Lucifer ran a 6.27 at 227MPH! There is still a lot left in Lucifer and we look forward to taking it back to the track soon!


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