How to Install GSC Power-Division Billet R2M Cams

How to Install GSC Power-Division Billet R2M Cams

How to Install Cams on a 2000+ HP 2JZ | Prospeed Tech Edge

Today we are happy to announce the start of our new tech talk series called "Tech Edge"! In this series, we will be doing tech talks, install videos, and much more!

In this video, we will be going over how to install the GSC Power-Division Billet R2M cams! We have worked in close development with GSC Power-Billet to get these cams right. We were part of the initial R&D project with these camshafts with the White Rice 240. These are the best camshafts for the 2JZ and are our go-to Cam for any of our methanol powered 2JZ's. These camshafts currently hold world records on cars such as the Grannas Racing Supra, White Rice, and soon Jack Couto's Supra will be running this cam.

We have seen a lot of people online post that they put cams in their car and ultimately end up bending their exhaust valves. We will be going over the right way to install your cams and get you on your way to making big power!


GSC Power-Division Billet R2M Camshafts

for the Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE. The R2M cams are designed for those running Methonal on large 80mm+ single turbos. These cams are not for the daily driver, they are meant for 6-sec quarter mile setups. Designed for a rev range of 6000-10000 RPMs. These cams require an upgraded valve spring set such as our Conical Spring kits (GSC5066) along with shimless buckets/tappets and head clearance for lift to go along with a ported head.

  • It is necessary to clearance the cylinder head casting to allow for the R2M profile to rotate in the 2JZ-GTE cylinder head
  • Please maintain .02"/ .5mm min clearance from the cylinder head casting
  • 2000+ WHP capable
7030R2M ADV Duration Duration @ 0.040 Peak Lift Center Line
Intake 278 242 11.30mm 110
Exhaust 294 252 11.35mm 118