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Through all our years building LT4 powered performance vehicles, we have always had a difficult time filling the supercharger heat exchanger system efficiently as well as we have had customers come in for power tuning that had air pockets in the system causing cooling issues under power. We decided to design and manufacture a tool that would make servicing these systems a breeze and offer more than just filling.

 Introducing the Prospeed LT4 HX Fill Adapter, this tool allows adaption to the factory fill point to the standard engine coolant tank thread to allow either a vacuum fill kit to be utilized for vacuum testing and filling, a coolant system pressure test kit to quickly find leaks, or a coolant fill bucket kit to top off or allow bleeding. 

 These are available separately as the C7 Corvette version or the Camaro ZL1/ CTSV version or together as the shop pack (both). These are a must have for any performance shop or anyone working on these vehicles.

These are designed and machined in house at our Houston Texas facility with locally USA sourced 6061 aluminum.

*** Vacuum fill kit, pressure tester kit, and fill bucket kit not included