Nth Moto Triple Carbon Billet Clutch for Gen 5 Dodge Viper

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We’ve dealt with just about every clutch brand available and this Nth Moto triple carbon clutch by RPS is by far the smoothest and best performing clutch option for the Dodge and SRT Vipers.

This clutch features a new 9 finger floater design, high strength steel hub splines, and is coupled with pure carbon friction and pure carbon floater materials. The result is a very OEM-like clutch experience.

The complete clutch and flywheel package was reduced by more than 10 pounds compared to stock. Billet steel was chosen for the flywheel because it’s by far the safest option on high horsepower applications regardless of vehicle brands.

Other generation Vipers are available as well as a quad carbon version of this clutch for 2000+ horsepower applications. Please contact us for more information.

– Brake torque capacity: 1500 lb-ft
– Disc count: 3
– Floater material: Pure carbon
– Disc material: Pure carbon
– Cover material: Billet Aluminum
– Flywheel Material: Billet Steel


– Designed to utilize OEM hydraulic system.
– Comes with ARP flywheel hardware.
– No perceivable clutch noise overstock like many other multi-plate clutch systems suffer.
– No shift drag issues with high RPM gear changes.
– Proven on many of the world’s fastest record-holding twin turbo Gen V Dodge Vipers.