Jim's Prospeed Twin Turbo C7 Corvette

We have our first testing in on our good customer Jim's Prospeed TT C7 before it heads to Florida next week to race at The Reunion at BMP. This is our stage 2 package with a TH400/9" option. Car is on stock sleeves making 1200whp with A2A intercooler, the car was built to street race in NJ with a little track, the car can be beaten on all day with only throwing more pump E85 in it. Hopefully next week we should see some 8.3xx out of it at BMP. Prospeed A2A TT system (1200whp), Prospeed ProDrag Motec package, LME stock sleeve engine, RPM TH400/9", Penske suspension, M/T 275/60R15 Radial Pro, Pump E85, 3660 w/driver